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You can order with check or money order by filling out this form and then mailing your payment to the address at the bottom.

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What We've Always Been ($15.00) Number of CDs

Already Shining ($15.00) Number of CDs

Voice of the Mystics ($15.00) Number of CDs

Clear Blue Mind ($15.00) Number of CDs

Now Is the Time ($15.00) Number of CDs

Reflections ($15.00) Number of CDs

Remembrance ($15.00) Number of CDs

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Shipping and Handing in the U.S.:
Add $2.00 or 10% of order (whichever is greater)

Shipping and Handling - Foreign (outside the U.S.):
Add $5.00 or 20% of order (whichever is greater)

Checks payable to:
"John Astin"

John Astin
P.O. Box 426
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

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P.O. Box 426, Santa Cruz, California, 95061