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Mission Statement

John Astin as a childMy parents were instrumental in cultivating my love for music at a very young age. Although they eventually pursued academic careers in psychology and education, my mom was at one time an accomplished classical pianist and my dad is still a very gifted jazz pianist. I am forever grateful to them for inspiring my love for music and the creative arts.

I began studying the guitar as a seven-year-old, but it wasn't until I was almost twenty that I discovered my love for singing. That discovery coincided with the dawn of my interest in spirituality, and during that time, I began to write poetry and songs that reflected these new yearnings and awakenings. That was twenty-six years ago and to this day, I continue to find music to be a remarkable vehicle for giving voice to that Mystery which, though it cannot be spoken, is the source of every sound and utterance...

In the Tibetan tradition, teachers will often use "pointing out instructions," words and phrases that point the spiritual aspirant back to their essential nature. Particularly in my more recent work (Clear Blue Mind and Voice of the Mystics, both released in 2003, and Already Shining which was released in 2006), the songs are essentially musical pointing out instructions, words, phrases, and sounds that direct the listener back to them Selves, inviting the truth of who they are - Awareness - to turn around and notice itself.

The poet Rumi reminds us: "Let the beauty that we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." The creation and sharing of this music is one of my favorite ways to kneel and kiss The Ground, to kiss this One that has no second...

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